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Best Equipments


In order to maintain the audio quality, we used to record using high end quality professional microphones like Neumann & Rode,these are connected with Steinberg interface with Yamaha 's high end converters .We do take care of each and every step required for voice over file processing after recording and all of these recordings are come in action under acoustically treated sound proof vocal booth (whisper room)


Microphone is the most essential equipment for the voice over recordings, that is why - we are more focussed on the quality of the microphones for the exceptional ,fabulous ,crispy ,high quality recordings ,Microphones like AKG, Neumann,Shure ,Sennheiser are the common ones and these are installed in many recording studios in india .


Conversion is a very essential process in vocal recordings ,especially, if someone is recording for the television commercials , Converting analog signals to digital signals makes your voice-over quality extreamly delighted if your sound interface is connected with high end pre-converters.


Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) comes in consideration when you have to process the final voice over job for putting your digital files in a broadcast machines.DAW is actually responsible for adding shine in the final voice recordings without any loss in the quality of the digital audio files.